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Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Much To Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving with our little Miracles is definitely what this Holiday is all about. For some reason, I have always loved Thanksgiving... it truly is my favorite Holiday. I guess it is because that is the time where I was with so much of my family... and you didn't have to worry about the stress of getting just the right present for everyone.

THIS Thanksgiving is by far the very best. The entire family was able to give thanks for Ford and Hayden's journey to better health. What a blessing. I am also thankful that this year I was able to have my mom, grandfather and Linda and Oliver (our cousins) at our house. It was great to be able to take care of others during Thanksgiving rather than sitting back and letting everyone cook for us!

Then the next day we were able to be with Trey's family at the lakehouse on Cedar Creek. It was the culmination of a perfect holiday. All his sisters were there and Heather's little girl and husband, along with Trey's mom and dad... just perfection!

The boys of course loved it all. We were very careful with them though. Lots of handwashing and hand gel to keep the germs at bay! Sweet little Patton doesn't understand why she can't be near her cousins just yet... but the day is coming. We are so looking forward to the end of flu and rsv season so we can let the boys enjoy being boys just a little more.

Ford and Hayden are both chatting up a storm. Right now, "dada" is their word of choice along with "Buba".... what happen to "mama". I am sure they will get it back in their vocabulary soon.

We aren't crawling just yet, but Hayden still thinks he can. Ford is content to sit and play with his toys for the time being or stand while you hold his hands. His time will come.

They are loving their baby food for the most part as long as it is NOT green. Fortunately, they really like their squash and turkey and rice so there are some good things on the list. They love oatmeal and any fruit/granola puree that Gerber makes.

We already have the presents under the tree for the boys and I can't wait to let them rip in. They LOVE paper. I think they will enjoy their new toys since they are getting tired of some of their first toys.

I hope you all feel as blessed as I do this Thanksgiving... for my family, for my friends, for the boys doctors and nurses, for anyone who said a prayer for us while we were fighting to get out of the NICU, Thank You on this Thanksgiving weekend!

All our Love,

Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Twins are 10 Months and Counting...

The boys just continue to amaze us.... everyday. Hayden and Ford are 10 months now and spunky as ever. Both are talking alot. Ford babbles more dada's, mama's and buba's than Hayden, but don't get me wrong... Hayden likes to hear himself talk.

I guess the biggest thing they are doing right now is sitting up and playing on their own. Every now and then they plop over, but for the most part... they are upright and playing with their toys.

Hayden thinks he can crawl, but it is more of a scoot. Ford thinks tummy time is highly over-rated.

We celebrated our first Halloween and spent maybe 15 minutes in our costumes. They were the cutest peas in a pod you've ever seen. They did; however, pull-off the peas from their pod... typical rowdy boys :)

We are eating SO GOOD.... Ford especially. He takes his food downtown. Hayden needs a little more time to finish because he gets distracted looking at Ford. It's great.

The boys also had their first professional pictures taken by a photographer. What made the experience so special was the photographer was one of our NICU nurses... she is so amazingly talented.

I have also gone back to work on Sundays and am loving it!
Thanks for all of your prayers and interest in our miracles, Ford and Hayden.

We adore you all!

Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Monday, October 27, 2008

Everyone Should have a Ford and Hayden

They are just the two sweetest, toughest, funniest and cutest boys I know. Trust me, they would melt your heart in an instant, especially with all they've overcome... and to see how far they've come... it is just amazing.

We had our 9 month check up last week, we also saw their pulmonologist and nephrologist. It was a busy week for Ford, Hayden and their parents. I was worried a little bit about them not gaining as much weight as I'd hoped for, but the doctors didn't seem concerned so hopefully they will chub-up in the next month. They are just so busy and burning calories these days.
Good news to report on the Ford front. He is off his oxygen for the most part. He still makes me worried from time to time when he breathes fast, but his oxygen levels are staying up so.... prayer answered there. He loves not having the nasal cannula in his nose... he had started ripping the tape off his face everyday.

Today the boys had me tickled! They were in their discovery centers and Ford was just giggling at Hayden... he couldn't control himself... it was just an infectious laugh. Hayden was laughing uncontrollably shortly before that at me... somehow I managed to give him the giggles with some of my baby entertaining... glad it works! I couldn't stop laughing because they were laughing, PURE JOY!

Other big news, I am back at work part time. I am working Sunday evening and feel very blessed to be back with all of those who prayed so hard for our family and really kept us going during those rough times in the NICU. I hope I make the boys proud. They made TV again last night... they looked like little stars.
So far, we have gotten the boys shots for RSV and the flu and we are keeping them in... except for doctors appointments. I just want them to stay healthy during this sick season. It is a scary time for us and I wish I could say I am staying completely calm about it, but I am worried because I just want the boys to keep progressing like they are... that would be the ultimate blessing!
Take care and I hope to chat again soon....

Ford and Hayden's mommy, Dana

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hughey Twins Beat their 1st Cold... and are Growing SO BIG!

Let me tell you... Ford and Hayden are getting so big and as we all already know, they are such strong boys.

About 3 weeks ago they caught their 1st cold. For us, no big deal, ya know, just a little annoying... but for them it can be really tough with their chronic lung disease. Fortunately, the tough twins are finally getting over the sniffles and the cough. We had to do breathing treatments, some steroids and eventually an antibiotic for a sinus infection, but now... they are really sounding great! I am so happy because I am so scared, especially for flu and RSV season. We will get through it, though... I am just believing in that fact!

They are also getting so big, relatively speaking from where they started at under 2 pounds. Both are inching really close to 15 whopping pounds. That's about right for their corrected age which is getting close to 6 months. Technically they are almost 9 months though.

They are turning over from their tummies to their backs and with a little coaxing, the other way as well. They love their Baby Einstein playstations and standing up on us... with help of course! Both boys are also learning to eat new baby foods each week. Boy, that can be messy with a capital M! I swear they can both say "mama", but Trey's not buying it. I am so looking forward to them crawling and walking, though... I don't think Hayden is going to crawl. I think he is going to skip it and go to walking. He loves to stand and has for months now.

Ford is still on a whiff of oxygen, but we hope that is coming to a stop soon. We have a pulmonologist appointment this month and we see the urologist soon as well and I am hoping we are kidney stone free because last time they saw a few on little Hayden. I am praying for no more surgeries!!!!!!

They have the BEST personalities. Hayden is still the little comedian and Ford is funny too! He loves for you to stick out your tongue and he will respond with his best lizard impressin as well. Hayden just loves to giggle and make his static noise. They really enjoy looking at each other as well. Sometimes I think they are not sure why there is another guy across from them dressed just the same. They are adorable.

Every Saturday we dress them up in their College Football outfits... We are a house divided and so are they. One baby gets decked out in Texas A&M and the other in TU, oh I mean UT. They are our little good luck charms. Of course on Sunday, they are always wearing their Cowboys colors. Gram is still coming over every night to hang out with her grandsons and loving every tiring minute of it. Big Honey also comes over during the day and helps me out with the boys when she can. Trust me, it can be crazy trying to feed two babies at one time. It is getting so much easier. Now, one will either play or nap while I feed the other. It is fabulous, we finally have a system.

Motherhood, nothing beats it! I am blessed more than you'll every know.


Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ford's One Tough Twinkie!

Our little Ford, never ceases to amaze us. He was in and out of his procedure today in under an hour and much to our delight he didn't have to be intubated. They used the mask and a different anesthetic... and Dr. Pugach was in and out with the stint.

Trey's mom joined us on the trip to Cook's in Fort Worth to help us keep Hayden busy while we tended to sweet Ford. You know, it really is hard on them... Ford wasn't allowed to eat for 8 hours and a number of nurses and doctors are messing with him trying to see if he was ready for surgery, but our little fella was an absolute trooper.

I have to tell you the nurses were enamored with him and his brother! They are such a cuties as you can see and those nurses today know how amazing it is to see how well Ford and Hayden are doing for being 25 weekers. They have a co-worker in pre-op whose baby just went home two weeks ago and was in the NICU with us, but this baby spent a year in the NICU. We are so blown away by our miracles and the power of prayer.

It was a long day and it pooped out my boys... ALL of them, even Daddy! We were out of the house by 6:15 AM and back home at 3 PM. We are just hoping and praying that is the last of that waiting room for a good long while. We have routine pulmonologist, urologist and nephrologist appointments, but it's more routine stuff... if all goes well and I BELIEVE it will!

Ford also got to see one of his favorite nurses today before surgery and well we were just as thrilled to see Wendy, she is certainly like family now. It made me feel better to see her right before the procedure... she just eased my fears a little. She was one of the many who helped get me through those 5 months in the NICU.

It was great to hold and love on Ford and Hayden tonight. They are such cuddle boys and I can't wait to get back into the living room with them.
We appreciate you thinking about us--
Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

PS-- IF you have not gotten a chance to see last night's post... you have to get a look at all of the pics... the boys are growing like crazy and handsome... whoooo wheee! I'm a proud Mommy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hopefully Ford's Last Procedure For a While!

Tonight (Sept. 2nd) we are once again turning our prayer time towards our little Ford. Tomorrow he is going in to get his stint taken out that is in his ureter. Of course, I am always worried when he has to be put under and given anesthesia, not to mention being put on a ventilator.

I know he is so tough and has the Lord on his side, but I am a mother who worries. We are hoping it is just a day surgery and we are home tomorrow night. Hayden is coming with us and that's what we are planning for at this point.

So thankful right now that Gustav wasn't a Katrina or Rita, Lord knows that's an answered prayer for many of you who might have loved ones in its path.

I am sure many of you are wanting an update on our little miracles. They are AMAZING! They are closing in on 8 months come the 8th of this month... Can you believe it? They are just the two best people I have ever known. To know what they have been through and to see how resilient and wonderful they are... well, it just makes me want to be a stronger person and definitely stronger in my faith.

Let's see, Hayden is the "entertainer" as his Big Honey calls him. He is usually laughing about something, which sounds like static on a radio. He is also gabbing up a storm. He likes to stand non-stop, of course while we are holding him up and he just crawls all over you. My arms are getting tired.

That's because his brother Ford is now doing the same. He likes to stand now too! Ford is chatting more baby talk with is now too and of course, letting us know when he is NOT happy with a situation. That is a boy who knows what he wants, when he wants it.

Both boys like to be a part of all of the action. Both are rolling over pretty regularly now, but again... it is when THEY want to... not when you want them to.

Trey is a wonderful Daddy... he does every bit as much as I do and makes it look effortless. Ford and Hayden both give us a run for our money, and it is worth every last second of running around to keep them happy.

Mostly, we are just very happy they we are a family with Ford and Hayden... and we can't wait for all of the FIRSTS we get to spend with them.

Thanks for keeping our sweeties on your prayer list and keeping us in your thoughts too. I meet people around town who tell me they've been praying for the boys and it just warms my heart. There are also some wonderful people out there who have sent the boys sweet gifts and somehow in the trip back from Fort Worth I have misplaced your addresses, but I just want to thank you for your sweet gifts for the boys.

Keep Ford in your prayers tomorrow morning... I can't wait to tell him about all of the people who prayed for him, each and every time he had a procedure or went into surgery or during the really tough times in the NICU!

Love from the Hugheys,

Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Prayer Answered: Ford's Recovering Well

What a long, nervous day this has been for Trey and me... and of course our entire family. We were faithful Ford was going to be amazing through the surgery, but "surgery" is just scary... bottomline!
The day started off with an ultrasound of his kidneys at 8:15 am, then a trip to the pulmonologist at 9am... to be cleared for surgery respiratory-wise! Both our moms came up to help with Hayden while we were at the hospital, which is where we headed at 1:45... then finally surgery started just before 6pm. It lasted a couple of hours. Dr. Pugach successfully retrieved his kidney stone and found no others in that kidney. He also put in stints to drain the urine.
We are so thankful Ford came off the ventilator so nicely and is really doing well on some oxygen. He is in some pain... as I write he has started to whimper and cry as his sweet Daddy comforts him so I can send this to you. It is such a helpless feeling to care for your little one after surgery... little you can do to comfort them when they are in pain that a mother's or father's touch just can't fix. It just breaks my heart! I have to be thankful to the Lord though... he brought our little Ford through this surgery in His perfect way.

If all goes well, Ford could go home tomorrow... wouldn't that be amazing? One of Ford's NICU nurses, Allison just came by to see our sweet baby. Even though he just came out of surgery, she is amazed by his progress and how great he looks. Our nurses really have become our friends, family really. We miss them everyday, but are so thankful to be back home in Tyler.

Ford has just taken his first meal post surgery and a little more pain medicine and we are hoping he will sleep a couple of hours while his wound heals in his back.
Trey's mom is staying with Hayden in the hotel... we miss him terribly, but he is in wonderful hands. Can't wait to see him tomorrow!

Thanks for adding us to your prayer list today!
Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Surgery slated for Wednesday at 3:15pm

Our incredibly tough little Ford is set to undergo surgery this afternoon (8/6). All of our docs have given the go ahead for our Urologist to surgically remove the troublesome kidney stone. According to one of our docs, 40% of grown men would not be able to pass this stone on their own...if that gives you any idea of the size of stone we are referring to. I can't even fathom the pain that our little fighter has endured these past few months. Dana and I know that the surgery will go smooth, and our Ford will make a speedy recovery. We have done a ton of praying, and have given all of our worries and cares over to our Lord and Savior, knowing that he will be working behind the scenes and guiding all of the surgeons and nurses hands during the procedure. As most parents can attest, having your child undergo surgery is something you never wish to experience...and Dana and I would agree, but this type of surgery will cause Ford some overdue relief. Having to watch him grimace every time his kidney is touched or the car hits a bump has been very painful. We have been told that the surgery should last 2 to 3 hours and a few days recovery. As mentioned before, we know that today will be a great day, and expect wonderful results. Dana and I are so grateful to have each and every one of you praying for our children, and love that through the power of prayer all things are possible. So if you happen to have a brief moment in your already hectic day, please say a quick prayer for our tough little Ford that the surgery will go smoothly and he will make a speedy recovery. We look forward to posting great news after the surgery. Thank you in advance for all of your prayers.

Have a blessed day,
Trey, Dana, Ford and Hayden.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on Our Ford

Well, the good news is Ford made it through the anesthesia and ventilator, the disappointing news is Ford is needing more oxygen right now and Dr. Pugach was not able to get the stint in his ureter.

That means Ford is going to need surgery to get his kidney stone out and to relieve the hydronephrosis. We are certainly very nervous about that. We know we are going to have to have the surgery for Ford's health, but I just hate that for him.

We are not certain if the surgery is going to happen on Friday or next week. Ford's pulmonologist does not want him to go back under anesthesia and on the ventilator if he is not ready "lungwise" so he is going to talk to Dr. Pugach the urologist.

I will keep you posted. Ford just needs your prayers that his surgery goes off without a hitch and that his mommy and daddy do not lose their minds with worry.

Meanwhile my mother is taking care of Hayden at the hotel and Trey's parents have been taking care of Holland (Trey's sister) who was in the hospital with a terrible stomach sickness... she is out now and doing better.... Thank Goodness.

Thanks for your care and concern,
Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ford Going In For Kidney Procedure... Please Join Us in Praying

Well, our sweet little Ford needs your prayers. For the most part, he is doing really great! He does have some kidney issues, hydronephrosis and a very LARGE kidney stone. Tomorrow his urologist is going to go and put a stint in one of his ureters in order to drain some of the urine out of his right kidney and hopefully help pass the kidney stone. It sounds simple enough and I am sure it is, but as any mother would be, I am scared and nervous. The part that scares us is the fact that he will have to be put under anesthesia again and be intubated. He has come such a long way with his lungs... I just want him to quickly come of the vent and not depend on it like he did for so many months.

I know we ask you for prayers constantly and we have not been blogging and keeping you updated like we should, but we have been swamped being parents of two very active twins who need us 24/7. I just want you to know how much we have appreciated you all who keep up and pray for the boys. I always tell people it is all of our prayers that helped Ford and Hayden come so far and continue to do so.

We are in Fort Worth tonight. We were not planning on this procedure just yet so my mother had to bring us clothes and all the twins stuff. We are hoping Ford will only need one night in the hospital as that is the plan. I am confident in his surgeon and know we will be home to you soon. I don't know if there are any other mothers out there that immediately go to the worst case scenario in a scary situation like this... why I worry about that stuff I don't know because I know God is going to bring Ford through this. I just feel so guilty for thinking those negative thoughts... I put them out of my head but I wish I never went there, ya know? I also feel like I haven't thanked the Good Lord enough for our little miracles, but I am so thankful... even when I am tired to the point of tears because we have only managed a couple hours of sleep in a day because the boys sometimes need to eat every 3 hours... even when the boys are crying and I don't know why, even when they spit up their milk all over you... it's PERFECT PARENTHOOD, our perfect parenthood with Sweet Ford and Sweet Hayden. This is me saying I wouldn't want it any other way... I need Ford and Hayden all the days of my life no matter how difficult the ride. That, I need the Lord to know if I haven't spoken it enough and thanked him enough.

Well, Ford's procedure is at 2:30... I pray you will be thinking about him and praying for him... he really is the sweetest little boy. His brother has been helping me pray for Ford. Hayden is doing wonderful. He is here with us. His biggest problem is his wheezing and we are hoping time will help him grow out of that.

Thanks for being here for us yet again!

Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hughey Twins Turn 6 Months!

Another wonderful milestone to report! Ford and Hayden celebrated half a year of their wonderful lives today! We celebrated their 6 month b-day more, of course! The boys really have been doing wonderfully at home with Trey and me. Everyday is such a blessing and a true joy.

We have celebrated many firsts since we have been home. Hayden has been laughing and smiling for almost a month now! What a wonderful sight to see. Then, about a week or two later... Ford's smile showed up as well. It stretches from ear to ear. As for Hayden's smile, well he smiles with his entire face, his eyes just sparkle as he grins... it's hard to believe where we were 6 months ago today. Thank the heavens the Lord pulled us through! Knowing these boys is the best thing that ever happened to me. It is busy handling these 2 high needs babies, but worth every second of missed sleep and time just holding them because they don't want to be in their cribs. Can you blame them? They spent the first few months of their lives in an incubator... they deserve to be held to get them through whatever rough spots they need.

Both boys really are holding their heads up nicely and Ford has rolled over already... Hayden is almost there and I know Ford is going to do it again really soon. We have been back and forth to Fort Worth a couple of times since Ford's release from the hospital for routine visits. We've seen the pulmonologist, nephrologist and urologist. Hayden is off his oxygen and Dr. Pfaff is impressed with his progress... we just have to be cautious of his wheezing. He is also impressed by Ford, though he is still on his oxygen. Things were a little more tense at the urologist. Hayden still has no kidney stones, just some calcium deposits. As for Ford, well, he has a rather large kidney stone that his doctor does not believe will break up on its own, or that will pass. That means a procedure that will require intubation and anasthesia. That is so scary to me. I thought we were passed that. Every time you go under it is scary and of course, Ford's lungs have come so far... I would hate for him to be re-intubated when we spent 3+ months trying to get off the ventilator. Right now, all we can do is pray. Pray for another miracle. I know we already have been blessed with many, but he is my baby boy and I love him so I am praying God has another one in him to spare Ford more hospital time and anasthesia. I am praying it just breaks up on its own by the time we head back in August.
There is still good news for the boys, THEY ARE GROWING! Though they are not on the charts for 6 month old babies because of their extreme prematurity... they do look wonderful. Yesterday Ford weighed 11 pounds and 13 1/2 ounces... Hayden weighed 11 pounds and 5 ounces. They are eating better, though I have to admit it is still a workout for us. Again, worth the hour or so it takes to get them nice and chunky!

We are still keeping them rather sheltered, but it is just for their own good until their little immune systems mature.

We were so happy to see my doctor and dear friend, Dr. Seligman and his wife, Nancy when we were in Fort Worth. Big Honey and Big Daddy babysat while we caught a quick bite after the Seligmans caught up with Ford and Hayden. He is the reason they are here and we thank him for that every moment we can. He kept them in by trying everything possible even when it didn't look good! Two of Ford and Hayden's primaries also came to see them, Amy and Melissa. We were so thrilled to see them... it is wonderful how much they care for our boys, we are so lucky, they really are the best! As are their other nurses. And of course... Dr Lynch, she met us downstairs at Harris after a long night on call to see how the boys are doing. It was great to see her. We miss everyone so much from our months in Fort Worth... they saved our babies and to an extent, us!

It is Ford and Hayden 24/7 in the Hughey household. We get some help from my mom and Trey's mom and we are so thankful. These boys have provided us with the best 6 months of our lives. We get to love them, nurture them and hold them... I couldn't ask for more.

I can't end a post without saying... thank you for your prayers, your words of encouragement and for sticking with us through these trying months as we nurse Ford and Hayden back to health!
Love-- Trey, Dana Ford and Hayden

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank Goodness For Grandparents!

Well, we have made it through our first full week at home with two babies on oxygen and monitors. It is certainly nothing the happy Hugheys can't handle, but we are challenged. Thank Goodness my sweet mother took off to be with us this week and help us get into a groove with Ford and Hayden. We are still up every 3 hours feeding and my mom signed up to get sleep deprived as well. I know most babies you can feed in your sleep, but not our preemies. It is a work out to get them to eat. We are happy to do it, but it is nice to have my mom's help. She also has learned all their meds, how to give breathing treatments and changed more than her fair share of poopy diapers. As you can see, she even holds them BOTH while we get some stuff done around the house. What in the world am I going to do come Monday? Pray for me, right? She has such wonderful patience... I am trying to learn even more from her because you definitely need it with twins when you need to be there for 2 babies at once! Of course the little cuties don't understand if you are holding one and not the other. They are so sweet though and love to be held... we love that too! I am just so blessed my mom lives around the corner and can be here for me and the twins whenever I need her. She deserves an award because she also takes care of my grandfather, what a wonderful woman! I am just lucky to be able to call her my mother. I know if she reads this... she will cry, but she has been a rock for Trey and me through our NICU stay with the boys. She never missed one weekend in Fort Worth... she was there for every surgery and every tough time with the boys. I know she is relieved to be back home in Tyler as well. Now she can spoil her boys 24/7!

Ford and Hayden
We are trying to get Hayden off his oxygen and he is doing really great so far. Last night he went all night... what a big boy! We have a pulse ox to see how he is oxygenating... and we are so glad he is doing so great. That is a ways off for Ford, but we are just thrilled he is home and doing so well... plus he has surprised is before so who knows how long he will be on Oxygen. Hayden is still hooked up to his heart and apnea monitor as a precaution... it makes sleeping a little easier (what we get of it, ya know?).
Tired Mommy and Daddy!

The boys aren't huge fans of bath time, but they must be cleaned so we keep pressing on. Same goes with the diaper changes.
They are starting to smile some and laugh... that is so wonderful to see, especially since they have been through so much in their short little lives. Of course, most days we are dressing them like twins unless we have to do multiple wardrobe changes due to messy boys. I think they are so cute when they have the same outfit on.
We keep trying to introduce them... not sure it has sunk in that there is another one of them out there, but they don't seem to dislike one another so that is a good thing. I was hoping they would immediately have that TWIN thing going on, but I am sure it will come in time.

Hayden and Ford in a RARE nap in their Pack and Play!
The boys are just a BLESSING! I am amazed and overwhelmed everyday that I get to be their mother. Don't get me wrong... I still get worried about their cries and grimaces, but I am just so glad we get to be together now... a happy family of 4, oh and 2 chihuahuas!

Must get back to mommy duties... I can hear some cooing little boys calling my name!



Friday, May 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home for 4 Hugheys

Praise the Lord, Ford and Hayden are finally home after 4.5 long months!

It sure is nice to finally reach this milestone, especially when there were really dark days for Ford and Hayden with their preemie lungs, kidneys, stomachs and hearts. We made it... we always had faith we would, but there were certainly plenty of health scares along the way. Of course it started with the grim odds doctors gave us about 25 weekers surviving. Back then, the boys weighed only 1 pound 14 ounces and 1 pound 15 ounces... Today Hayden is 9 pounds 6 ounces and Ford is 9 pounds 12 ounces. How amazing is that.

We also were blessed not to have stomach issues like many 25 weekers do and that usually translates into many surgeries and a longer hospital stay. Their head ultrasounds and eye exams have also been very good so what can we say... except Thank you Lord!

Hayden has been home for a month today and is doing really well. He now eats much better than he did when we first came home and seems to be over his oral aversion. He likes his milk and he will take it down. He also likes to sleep on mommy and daddy's chest and well... these boys get what they want after all they have been through. We are still working on sleeping alone with him... he is not fond of it, but it is something we have talked over with our pediatrician and at this point we just can't let him "cry it out" because of his lungs.

He does get breathing treatments for wheezing, but so far they seem to be helping and the wheezing does not seem to hamper his oxygenation.

They are getting better though. We saw the pulmonologist right before we left Fort Worth and he was pleased with Hayden's progress. Over the next month we are going to try and get Hayden off his tiny wiff of Oxygen... that will be great. It is hard to transport two on O2 and monitors, but you know what... we will do what we have to do. Certainly not a big deal... we are just glad they are home.

As for Ford, He is doing great as well. He is on 1/8 of a liter of O2. He still has more lung issues than Hayden and really needs his oxygen, but considering what he has been through... he is just amazing. He is still working on being a good eater. I can't blame him for his oral aversion though... he was on a ventilator for more than 3 months... so something going down his throat is a bit scary for him. The doctors are also watching his kidneys closely because of their issues, but so far he is stable in that area. Mr. Ford is the better sleeper and would probably sleep through the night, but he still needs feeding every 3 hours. We are happy to ablige them both. Ford seems to like being home and cuddling more with mommy and daddy... though we probably enjoy it the most. I can't even begin to tell you what a tough road Ford has had... you just wouldn't believe how far he has come with his chronic lung disease. If you would have asked me a month ago if I would have thought we would be home in May with Ford... I would not have said yes... but you know what he has shocked and amazed us all... even his doctors. He is ready to get better... he has the strongest will to live of any one I have ever known and he is only 4 1/2 months old. Hayden is right there with him on that though!

It is an amazing thing being a parent. We have some high maintenance children, but we are just so thankful they are here with us... that is all that matters.

The boys will be a more sheltered than most because of their weaker than normal immune systems. In time, we can't wait for our friends and family to get to spend time with them. We know how special and wonderful they are... we can't wait for you to enjoy them too... but that will come in time.

Thank you for all of your prayers that helped us find our way back to Tyler with our 2 miracles. There were many sleepless nights filled with tears and even anger at times. That happens when you have to watch your boys go through so much and can't help them. But you know what, it's amazing what the Lord can do. We can't wait to enjoy our two children and love them back to health. This truly is going to be the best time of our lives. We are also thankful we have found that blind faith you hear about, but maybe don't always believe in. I believe... I always did, but my faith is even stronger now.

We just also want to thank our amazing Dr. Lynch! She saved our babies lives and ours. She is more than a doctor... I am happy to call her a friend. She works with many other wonderful neonatologists at Cook. There were two others that really took amazing care of Ford and Hayden, Dr. Nedrelow and Dr. Nesslein. We just adored them... they were there to help us when Dr. Lynch was not on and they helped get us through this time as well! Also to our boys primary nurses, you are all the very best. The best nurses and the best people. Thank you for loving my sons and taking such exceptional care of them. I will love you forever because of that! Cook Children's and their NICU... is the best. They can do things with preemie babies that seem impossible and nurse them back to health... what a blessing.

We will do our best to keep you updated on the boys and post pictures. They keep us busy and we could use more than two hands at this point, but we have parents that help make it all possible.

With Love from TYLER,

Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick Update as of Wednesday the 21st of May

I would first like to begin by apologizing for the lengthy delay b/w postings…this full time job of being parents has kept us quite busy. As mentioned in our last post, Hayden is out of the Hospital and he is doing very well. Not sleeping as much as we would like…but we are going to be the last to complain. Our Ford is still in the on a 1/8th of a liter of oxygen. The main reason Ford is still in the Hospital is that he is not eating as well as the doctors would like. He is not a fan of eating from the bottle. In order for Ford to be released, he has to eat all 8 of his meals each day by bottle. He is currently eating every other meal by bottle and the rest by his feeding tube. He eats 80 ml each feed, and has trouble swallowing the entire feed. He has such an oral aversion…mainly from being intubated for such a long time. He fights his feeds so much. So for the past week or so, we have been waiting for his feeding to click…but that has obviously not happened yet. We are holding out hope that Ford will be released and the entire Hughey clan will be home in Tyler by early part of June. We continue to pray that our boys will one day be healthy little babies…they will continue to have their hurdles…but we are overjoyed with the way they have turned out. The fight that these two kiddos have put up so far, at such an early stage in their life is overly inspiring. These “little fighters” who were given very bleak odds to make it through their first night, have shown unbelievable resilience and have overcome remarkable hurdles. Without your prayers and well-wishes being sent their way each day….who knows what the outcome would have been. Dana and I firmly believe that the power of prayer kept our boys going…and most definitely kept us going. So from the bottom of our hearts…we thank you and will forever be indebted to all of the magnificent friends that we have made along the way. This experience turned our lives upside down and inside out…our way of life and daily routines changed on January 8th. Our faith has grown exponentially throughout this journey….I thought I knew how to pray before all of this started, how na├»ve I was. Now I can say with certain, that I along with Dana have seen prayers being answered by our wonderful Lord and Savior. He is most definitely the Lord of all Lords. And we are forever Thankful and Grateful to have him working behind the scenes on our behalf. Thank You…Thank You…Thank You!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hayden's Home Away from Home... Ford's Progressing!

One of the days we've been waiting for since we became parents finally arrived Wednesday, April 30th. Our little son, Hayden was finally released from the NICU and the hospital. Of course, it was a bittersweet day because we were not able to take our sweet Ford home as well. He is working hard though to join his brother!

For the prior 2 nights, we roomed in at the hospital to make sure we had his schedule down... feeding him, caring for him and giving him his medicine.

He still fights us at times taking all of his feeds, but we are working on it and just praying he continues to gain weight. We have a doctor's appointment on Friday with the pediatrician so hopefully he still will be looking good. Feeding is his major issue. He is also home on a wiff of oxygen, but hopefully that will be only a month long since we have an appointment with the pulmonologist in a month.

Our first trip in the car with Hayden leaving Cook Children's hosptial was wonderful. He enjoyed his trip in his car seat. I rode with him in the back while Trey drove us back to our apartment in Fort Worth. Hayden's Big Daddy and Big Honey (Trey's parents) came to see Hayden's big day leaving the hospital. Hayden has already napped in his pack and play, swung in his swing... and napped extinsively in his mommy's, daddy's and big honey's arms.

Of course we are a bit sleep deprived, but it is all worth it!!!
Doesn't Hayden look handsome in his going home outfit from the hospital. He saw the outside world for the first time and I think he loved it! We really are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with this huge milestone in our lives. There were times when the light at the end of the tunnel seemed so far away, so dark... but we are now benefitting from our faith that the boys would make it through their dark days.

There was another big milestone yesterday and this was Mr. Ford's! He was taken off the bubble c-pap and placed on high flow oxygen again. So far... he is doing really good. That is so huge for him and for us because his lungs have been so so sick. Our pulmonologist reminds me all of the time just how far he has come! I don't have pictures of this yet because we were so busy bringin Hayden home yesterday... but I can't wait to show him off! I do have pics of his days on the bubble c-pap! Please keep him in your prayers that this time it WILL work. He is such an amazing little boy... overcoming kidney stones and coping with lung disease. I am amazed by him!

Please keep both of the boys in your thoughts and prayers because we really want to come home soon and back to our family and friends! We pray Hayden gets better eating and comes off his oxygen and that Ford learns to eat and get lower on his oxygen.

Thank you for loving and caring about us.

Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Monday, April 21, 2008

We're Past Our Due Date Now!

Hello friends and family!

The boys would have been born Saturday... can you believe it? To celebrate, my sweet friends and family threw me a shower in Tyler (since we didn't have one before). It was only my second time home since I spend every moment I can with Ford and Hayden. They received lots of great presents that they are just going to love when they get home.

Speaking of home, we were hoping to be there by our due date, but Ford and Hayden still need a little time. They are both coming along, but home will have to wait a little while longer.

Hayden is getting closer. He did almost 24 hours off the oxygen yesterday and today... only going on it during feeds. He had to go back on this morning, but he is getting there. The doctor says he is close since he's eating so much better. It could be days instead of weeks before he is home, probably on a little oxygen, but we can handle that.

As for Ford, he is still doing good on his bubble c-pap. He doesn't like the contraption, but he needs it so his lungs stay nice and expanded. His next step is high flow oxygen and hopefully that will also be as easy of a transition. Ford is probably a month or 2 away from coming home and that sure will be hard on us to see him have to stay while Hayden is home... but we will work it out. The important thing is Ford is doing a lot better and we have a lot to be thankful for... in time he too will be home and we will be one big happy family. I CAN'T WAIT!

We love you all... appreciate your prayers and couldn't do this day in and day out without you all and of course our Lord! He keeps us strong and we know that is why Ford and Hayden have come through the dark times.
Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ford's Still Bubbling... Hayden's Still Progressing

I just wanted to give you a quick update... Ford is still on his bubble c-pap and off the ventilator. That makes my heart so happy to say that. Every time I see him now it brings happy tears to my eyes. He seems so comfortable and is breathing good. We are praying once his steroid therapy ends tomorrow, he will still be doing great.

Hayden is still fighting a little UTI infection and we are hoping it will be gone soon. He is still learning to eat and doing really great sometimes. Hopefully soon he will be off his oxygen and eating like a champ.

It's been a long couple of days, months really... so we are going to get some rest and be back at the hospital bright and early!
We appreciate your prayers for the boys and we hope you'll keep them coming.
Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ford and Hayden... almost 3 months old!

Our Handsome Little, but Growing Hayden and Ford!
Our twins will be 3 months tomorrow. It is hard to believe that we have been parents to our little miracles for that many months now. It has been a beautiful yet bumpy and emotional journey.

Both boys continue to benefit from your prayers and from their wonderful doctors at Cook in Fort Worth. Ford is once again facing the tougher challenges, but we have faith the Lord will see him through. It is not for certain yet, but the doctors may try him off the ventilator again tomorrow depending on how his evening goes. We had to try him on some steroids for his lungs... there are risks, but the benefits seem to outweigh those at this point. We hope one round will do the trick, but we are comforted that he still is not supposed to be born yet so we have a little time. He is still dealing with some kidney and UTI issues, but we were happy with his renal sonogram today that seems to have revealed one kidney stone was gone. No telling how much pain our little Ford has been in with his kidney stones. My heart hurts for him everyday. We're hoping the 3rd time is the charm for Ford and that he will thrive off the ventilator... we are not giving up on that this time around and surely could use some prayers his way... that trumps science every time.
Ford has been smiling through his kidney stones... and though he is on the vent... he still loves to be held by his mommy and daddy. He loves his music. Both boys have CD players from their gram and lots of great, relaxing music to snooz the night.... and day away.

Mr. Hayden has been our rock... having a good day when Ford is struggling a little more. He is only on a 1/16th of a liter of oxygen... that's not much. He is also learning how to bottle feed still. It's hard work for preemies... really hard. Well, our rock gave us a tiny scare on Saturday night. He started to develop a fever. They watched it overnight and then it spiked again. As a precaution... the doctor put him on antibiotics because one indicator of infection was elevated. Fortunately his CBC was normal... and they continue to watch for growth in his culture. Today he seems better. His temperature has normalized and he was smiling and snuggling with his proud parents today. Oh yes, Hayden also has kidney issues, but no stones yet and we pray a change in his diet will keep them at bay. We hope you will keep him on your prayer list as well... so he can get of his oxygen and the feeding will click soon. It will be hard to take him home without Ford... we think he is stalling so that won't have to happen. We just want what is best for Ford and Hayden.

As for us, we have been overwhelmed with new obstacles this past week. I have shed lots of tears. We are tired, we are weary, but we are more convinced now than ever that our boys are going to have a wonderful life with us. They are God's little miracles for us, how blessed are we EVERY single day to have them in our lives. Yes, our first few months of their lives have been crazy, but it is more than worth it for Ford and Hayden... they are so precious and what we have waited our whole lives for!!! I tell the boys that every day... that we had to pull out all the stops to get them here and keep them here.

A nurse in the NICU gave me a wonderful scripture the other day... and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I really believe God spoke to her... to help me! She isn't a nurse who has ever taken care of the boys, yet she told me... she prays for them everyday, but something came over her the other night that she needed to give me this bible verse she came across in her bible study. This is the verse and it hasn't left my mind, heart or lips since... He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11
I believe that is Ford and Hayden's destiny and soon.

Thank you for loving us and taking care of us from afar. I have to say everyone has been so good to us... my KLTV family, whom I miss... and Trey's Eiche-Mapes family who he doesn't get to see as much as he'd like. Just know that our goal is to get back to all of you, but for now... the boys need us and our love to get better and more than that we need them. It's hard enough being away from them each night... that is all this mommy can take.
Thank you for your prayers,
Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Picture Worth A Thousand Words

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