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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Word From Ford and Hayden's Mommy

I know up until now... you've been getting wonderful blog updates from my husband... I have been waiting to post until I felt a little stronger... well that could be a long road ahead, so I decided it was time I needed to tell you all about my boys, Ford and Hayden.

They are my greatest accomplishment... I know they are still very, very sick, but looking at them reminds me just how blessed I am. Being their mother is the most important job I have or ever will have. I don't know about other mothers out there, but the hardest part about having two very premature babies... is there is nothing you really can do to make them better... not to mention the guilt you have that your body couldn't take the sweet babies to term. What a helpless feeling. Fortunately we have some of the best doctors and nurses around watching out for them and any new health hurdles they encounter... and trust me that is almost a daily occurrance. That is why Trey and I are always asking for your prayers for our sweet boys who certainly should not have to go through all of this. Just last night our Ford had a rough night... his blood pressure and blood gases were not in a good place at all... and he just wasn't looking like himself. He had to go on more blood pressure medicine and more oxygen support. The doctors told me today just how sick they are... they tell me that a lot, but I try to ignore it and just believe GOD is going to heal my babies in time because he knows how much we need them. That is one of the reasons I wanted to write about my babies tonight... because they need you... they need the power of prayer and so does their proud mommy and daddy.

Thank you for joining us in this NICU journey with Ford and Hayden... we look forward everday to your words of encouragement and prayers. We love the stories from those of you who've had 25 weekers who saw many rough times, but brought your precious babies home.

Everyday does seem like a new challenge for Hayden and Ford... today it is their kidneys and blood pressure... and of course as always their lungs which are just so fragile... doing work their bodies really are not prepared to do. I pray every day that the Lord will begin to heal their lungs so their other organs can also work more efficiently. The doctors say this is the time in the boys healing where they are the sickest... there was a honeymoon phase where their lungs were working okay... then their chronic lung disease really kicked in and their little bodies are just so stressed. I tell you that is hard to hear, but I have to believe they are going to make it... that God is going to give these boys the strength to overcome all of this... and soon we will be a family in Tyler again. I just pray the Lord will continue to work miracles in our lives because he knows how much Trey and I need Hayden and Ford and how much love he knows Trey and I will give them.

I wish the doctors could tell me the boys were going to be okay, but I guess that is where our FAITH comes in... no matter how sick they are... I know Hayden and Ford are going to be healthy little twins one day... riding bikes, playing in dirt and loving on their mommy and daddy who long to hold them and make it all better.

Right now some of our greatest joys are changing their diapers, taking their temperatures and holding their tiny little hands. We can't wait until they are off the ventilators and in our arms. I just stare at them for hours upon end... praying with them and talking to them about what our lives are going to be like once they come home. Trey and I probably spend 12 hours a day at the hospital each day... maybe more. Trust me, I don't leave their bedsides willingly.

In closing I just want to say I feel blessed... blessed because I am Hayden and Ford's mommy... they are beyond handsome and sweet. Blessed because there are so many East Texans who love us and pray for our baby boys every day... blessed because we have such wonderful friends and family all over the world... blessed because we have doctors who love and believe in Ford and Hayden... and SO Blessed because we have the Lord on our side who gave us these miracles in the first place.

We wish you all many blessings,
Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ford did wonderful in his surgery...

Our little Ford did amazing in surgery today...we could see an instant improvement, from his blood pressure to his dependency on oxygen. Doctors have told us that he did very well, but we still have to be watchful in the days to come because he could get sick before he takes steps forward. Of course we're praying and hopeful that he will stay stable and slowly be weened off all of his lung and heart support. We are extremely grateful to you all for your support and prayers. As for little Hayden, we are scheduled to have his PDA ligated on Monday, by the same team of surgeons who ligated Ford's this morning. (what an amazing team they are). Dana and I would also like to mention how amazing all of the nursing staff, doctors and other NICU staffers have been to us and our precious boys. Cook Children's Hospital has made this emotional experience, manageable and continue to give us great hope for these miracles. Speaking of miracles, we are off to tuck them in for the evening....and to tell them about all of the support they have, from all of you East Texans and other friends scattered around this great world. We continue to ask for prayers, well wishes, success stories and shoulders to lean on until the boys are able to wave goodbye to the NICU!!

Thank you again,
Trey, Dana, Ford & Hayden

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ford's Surgery & an update on Hayden...

Just wanted to send out a quick posting....letting all know that Ford will be undergoing Heart Surgery at 1:00 pm tomorrow (1/24/08). This is rescheduled from last week due to the infection he had to overcome. This surgery will close his PDA passageway which will help him take the steps forward that we have been praying for. We are aware that this is surgery, and anything can happen....but we believe that this will be the best for Ford in the long run. Even though recovery from this type of surgery takes time...Dana and I know that Mr. Ford will make a speedy recovery. As for his tough little brother Hayden....he has had a rough last few days. Hayden has decided to retain all of his fluid, so he now looks like a handsome Sumo Wrestler. He has had to rely on more oxygen to get through the days...but we know that he is turning the corner and will be slowly making progress. We continue to lean on all of you...and ask that you say a little prayer for Ford's surgery and Hayden's oxygenation issues tonight and until we are fortunate enough to take them home with us. Thank you again from the bottom of our heart for all the great stories we continue to receive from all of you. I will let you know how the surgery went as soon as I can.

Thank you,
Trey, Dana, Ford & Hayden

Monday, January 21, 2008

Day Thirteen of a long, bumpy journey...

The boys have had such an up and down last few days. It seems as though they are playing tag team...which has been quite exhausting for mom and dad. One will be having an OK day while the other needs all the attention....then they switch. We can already tell that our hands are going to be full when we take them home. Dana and I are coming to terms with the fact that their lungs are so premature and filled with such a chronic disease, that they need to rely on all of their ventilators and oxygen for support. We are learning more than we would like to know about how sick babies can be and how long the road is to recovery. Just yesterday our little Hayden decided to take a slight nose-dive...I'm thinking he is going to be our dramatic one. I never thought how emotionally draining this was going to be. There is absolutely nothing that can prepare a parent to witness their children experience the NICU. It is filled with uncertainty, fear and the feeling of helplessness. I now know what they mean when they say it is an hour by hour, shift by shift, day by day long, bumpy journey. Each day presents something new...the doctors have to tweak something here, tweak something there. The greatest feeling is knowing that we have such an amazing support group of family, friends and loyal KLTV viewers that continue to lift us up through prayer. We continue to ask all, to send prayers and positive thoughts to our little ones, so we can witness this miracle go on and on. We thank you again for all the encouraging comments and moving stories that give us hope each day. We are so lucky to be in a position to have a forum like this blog, that can draw attention to prematurity and the wonderful success stories that go along with it. Dana and I are forever indebted to all of you...and we can't wait to post healthy, complication free pictures of our two miracles twins for all of you to see.

Thank you again, and we are so blessed to have all of you along for the ride with us...driven by our lord and savior,

Trey, Dana and the boys.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The latest on Ford & Hayden....

As most of you may have heard, we found out early this morning that Ford's surgery had been postponed due to an infection discovered by a positive blood culture. As we wrapped our minds around the cancellation...we received a phone call from Hayden's doctor, informing us that Hayden now had to be transported to Cooks in Ft. Worth. Hayden too had to be put on the JET ventilator like his brother, b/c doctors discovered PIE in both lungs. It is obvious that these two boys outgrew Arlington...and needed a bigger city. We have been blown away by all of the responses that we have received. Thank you again for all of the prayers and support. It is amazing to witness God at work. We know that the boys have a long road ahead and statistics may be against them....but we a certain that the best doctor of all is on their side, and we believe the lord is going to heal them.

Thank you so much,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prayers Tomorrow....

Our roller coaster ride descended downhill on Sunday morning when Ford had to be transported to Cooks Children's Hospital in Fort Worth by the Teddy Bear Transport Team...which I must add were extremely wonderful and professional. The thought of one of our sons being transported was alarming enough, but seeing Ford go from his incubator to a gurney was very emotional for mom and dad. Our Neonatologist determined that cyst called PIE where forming around Fords left lung. Being proactive, our Doctor decided that Ford needed to be put on an air JET ventilator, which could potentially help clear up the cyst. As mentioned above, the move was very emotional, but we were comforted by the Transport Team along with all of the staff at MCA hospital. Once Ford got situated Sunday afternoon at Cooks, many examines were run...and it was concluded that his PDA passageway b/w his heart and lungs had not closed.

Ford will undergo Heart Surgery in the morning (Wednesday 1/16) at 9:00 am at Cooks which will surgically close the passageway. This is about a 45 minute procedure done right in his cubicle. Ford will be under anesthesia which will be a major concern for an 8 day old baby. We pray that this procedure goes off without any complications, and he will make a speedy recovery. As is stands now, Ford will remain at Cooks and his brother Hayden will be at MCA in Arlington where he remains stable. We ask that you continue to keep our precious little boys on your prayer list...and you don't know how much it means to Dana and me to read all of your messages and know that many friends and total strangers are lifting all 4 of us up through your prayers and well wishes. We know that we have gained an enormous extended family.

Thank you again,
The Hugheys

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update on our "little fighters" as of the afternoon of January 10th

We would like to preface this by saying THANK YOU!!! Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. We are hoping that the power of prayer will bring all 4 of us through this. Here is a quick update on our "little fighters". Ford has had a new hurdle to overcome this morning...the neonatologist noticed an air bubble in one of his lungs, which caused his lung to compress. They went in with a chest tube releasing the air, and now he is breathing much better. He will get another lung x-ray this evening, and we are praying that the results will be positive. As for Hayden, he is still staying strong. He is fighting the respirator which is causing him to be a bit feisty....but they are giving him medicine to calm him down a tad. Dana and I had an opportunity to hold both of their tiny hands today...all the while whispering to them about all the support and love they have on their side. We continue to ask that you keep these miracle babies in your hearts and prayers.

Much love,
Dana and Trey

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8th, 2008

Well, the boys could not wait any longer...they decided that today would be their birthday. At around 1:41 this morning Dana gave birth to two tiny boys. Ford weighed in at 2 lbs and stretched in at 14 inches. Hayden came in at 1lb 14 oz and 13 inches long. Being born at 25 weeks and 3 days causes these boys to have an unbelievable uphill battle. A battle that both mom and I know that they can and will conquer. We now more than ever need the power of prayer sent our way. These boys have an outstanding role model in their mother, b/c Dana is the main reason that these boys even have a shot at life. Given the fact that her water broke 6 weeks ago, when she was just 19 weeks pregnant goes to show how much of a fighter Dana really is...and how much of a fighter these boys are going to be. We have been told by the NICU staff, that this will be a very emotional roller coaster filled with very low valleys along with high peaks. A roller coaster ride that I know will end a success. Being born at such a premature gestational age these boys are going to have to overcome many severe obstacles. Obstacles that range from lung development all the way to brain function. Dana and I both know that these miracle twins have so many people praying for them...and we are extremely grateful to have such amazing friends and family. As mentioned before, please continue to send positive thoughts and prayer towards these boys, so we can continue to witness the miraculous power of prayer. I will continue to update this page, as the boys reach each milestone and clear each hurdle

Thank you again,
-proud daddy.

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Picture Worth A Thousand Words

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