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Monday, January 5, 2009

Computer Situation Squared Away... Can Blog-away!

Well, as many of you parents may understand.... We uploaded so many pictures to our computer that we ran out of space and our computer was running VERY slow! We now have a hard drive back up and are back in business.

I just uploaded a TON of Holiday pictures of Ford and Hayden that I hope you will love. It has been so busy during the holidays that we didn't buy the new hard drive until Dec. 31... and then it took a bit to transfer files, blah blah blah... I am probably boring you with that!

Now to the Good Stuff. Thursday, this Thursday, Ford and Hayden turn 1! Can you believe it has been a year since you all started praying for our miracle twins. I prefer to relish the present and not dwell too much on the past, but appreciate what the Good Lord has brought us through.

I am sure I will forget something today about all the boys have been up to, so I will try to blog more this week as I remember.
As you'll notice from the pictures, the boys are sitting up alone completely on their own and side-sitting and even trying to crawl. I know for a 1 year old that seems a little late, but really they are only 8 1/2 months old adjusted so... the occupational therapists say they are really a little ahead of schedule.

We have graduated to NEW, BIGGER TOYS! For Christmas, it looks like Toys R Us moved to the Hughey House. We do have 2 so I expected more toys than most, but WOW... We are so fortunate the grandparents, aunts , uncles and friends spoil them so! I suppose we should be included in that as well, but being practical we did buy them lots of 12 months clothes so they could be warm for winter... AND stylish!

The boys just LOVED Christmas morning. Not that they really understood it of course, but they loved unwrapping their presents and playing with their new toys. I have to tell you it was a JOY to watch. It gave a new meaning to a Reason for The Season. We completely understand how blessed we have been this year and Christmas morning was a culmination of so many answered prayers... What a gift for a parent to watch the sheer joy on the children's faces... now I know what our parents always talked about. I could have received zero presents and been more fulfilled than any other Christmas on record.
It did take a while for Ford and Hayden to open their presents, but we just let them... enjoy! My mom and grandfather came over to see the Merry Madness and of course loved every second of it. Gram filled their stockings to the rim and flooded the Christmas tree with presents.

Then after some cleaning up, it was off to the Hughey Lakehouse for some more First Christmas Memories with Ford and Hayden.

They cleaned up their as well... more Toys, more fun for the boys. Trey's parents also gave us a video recorder to capture Christmas morning with and many future memories so I can't wait to share those as well, when I figure it out. The boys love big groups even though they have to stay germ free so all the aunts, uncles and grandparents were very careful with them... and sanitized so the boys would stay healthy... That was our main Christmas goal! We had an amazing time merging 3 families together, Mine, Trey's and John's (Trey's sisters' husband's parents-- our extended family Jean and Ronnie were there too! Yea!) SO many sweet gifts, great food and drink and "the very best" company anyone could ask for on Christmas Day.

Since then, we've been enjoying watching the boys play with their toys. Let's see... they have new guitars, a ball, cars, trucks, a wagon, cell phone, remote, kid pda's... the list goes on and on. You'll see them playing with them in the pictures.

Mom and Dad even had a chance to get out for a Christmas party a couple weeks before Christmas. I think that was our 3rd or 4th date/night out since I went into the hospital last November. We were able to enjoy our friends who we don't get to see very often and it was a really needed time for these two hardworking parents. Twins don't leave much downtime, but we love it and wouldn't have it any other way... we just need to recharge our batteries every now and then.

New Year's was spent home with our boys, Ryan Seacrest and a toast of Champagne at midnight! They were asleep of course, but we toasted to our many blessings and all the wonderful things that are in store for Ford and Hayden during 2009!

We've battled a few colds and ear infections since last I blogged, but my tough little men have fought through them and continue to grow and get stronger every day. Hayden still struggles with wheezing, but we are hoping it gets better.

Ford still has one surgery, we think, left to come, but we are praying the Urologist will not have to operate. I am crazy nuts about germs... never was a germ freak before, but now I am... We really just want them to stay away from RSV, more colds, and the flu... that would be so amazing. The pulmonologist says in April we can even start to have play dates so I can relieve some of this cabin fever, can't wait!

Today, Hayden started crawling backwards. Craziest thing! He still can't go forwards, but I feel that is not too far behind. Ford is leaning forward a lot like he is going to crawl and rocking back and forth, but just hasn't started to take off yet... It's coming!
Thanks for sticking with us through 2008... I promise to be better in 2009 about keeping you posted. The computer is all set, I am all set... now, I just have to see if the boys will give me time... they prefer I play with them... so I do a lot of singing and dancing for them. A mom's job is never done, hehe!
Happy 2009, all our love and prayers,

Dana~Trey~Ford~Hayden... They Hugheys


Hagen and Mason said...

The crawling backwards is fun to watch and Mason did it for what seems forever and then he finally started going forward. You can always entice them with a toy - dangle it just far enough away to give them the motivation to move forward. The camera was actually the most interesting for Hagen! Good luck, once they start crawling - watch out!!! They will get into everything! said...

They are adorable! I love the new pictures and seeing how much they have grown! You and Trey are wonderful parents! I'm glad you all had a wonderful first Christmas and I'm sure 2009 will be full of blessings and fun for you all!
I also want to say thanks for the encouraging words you have given the Cook family with sweet Bradie. I worked with her Dad and they are a precious family who I know finds comfort in your words and story! I pray God continues to bless you abundantly! Happy New Year!

Ashlei Ford said...

I cannot believe how big they are getting! Happy 1st Birthday to Hayden and Ford. Last year I was so excited to see that they were born on my birthday as well as Elvis' birthday. Enjoy many more birthdays with them. Thank you for sharing your story and them with all of your viewers!

The Tyson Family said...

WoW! So much to be thankful for! I can't believe it has been a year and watching the milestones! I am so happy for you guys and watch all the time for updates!

Teresa T. said...


What a miracle you boy's have been and an inspiration for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday to 2 adorable little boys!!! God is so good and I'm so happy that he watched over all of you during the hard times. Prayer can work miracles through him. Enjoy the day and post pictures as soon as possible. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

A GMET viewer.

Anonymous said...

What a mighty God we serve. I am so thankful you have shared your beautiful baby boys with us. We have prayed for continued health and safety for the Hughey family and now to see the progress of Ford and Hayden! Whew = thank you so much for giving God the glory. I do believe you and Trey are such wonderful parents. Keep the faith and give God the glory. Happy Birthday boys. love and prayers - Mary Curry
Broaddus, TX

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