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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The latest on Ford & Hayden....

As most of you may have heard, we found out early this morning that Ford's surgery had been postponed due to an infection discovered by a positive blood culture. As we wrapped our minds around the cancellation...we received a phone call from Hayden's doctor, informing us that Hayden now had to be transported to Cooks in Ft. Worth. Hayden too had to be put on the JET ventilator like his brother, b/c doctors discovered PIE in both lungs. It is obvious that these two boys outgrew Arlington...and needed a bigger city. We have been blown away by all of the responses that we have received. Thank you again for all of the prayers and support. It is amazing to witness God at work. We know that the boys have a long road ahead and statistics may be against them....but we a certain that the best doctor of all is on their side, and we believe the lord is going to heal them.

Thank you so much,


Kelly said...

Keep your spirits high!! We are praying for you all... Let each day be better then yesterday and half as good as tomorrow. Love the Adams Family. (Ba, Kelly, Bennett, and THe rest of the Gang)

John said...

Patton said an extra special prayer for the boys, as well as for uncle bubs and Aunt Danna tonight. We love you guys. See you soon.

Anonymous said...


Your friends at March of Dimes

jillytodd said...

You and your precious family are in our thoughts and prayers.

The Copeland Family

Anonymous said...

Trey and Dana,

Chris and I are praying for Ford and Hayden daily. We are praying for their strength and ability to adjust to their new environment. I am praying specifically for wisdom and discernment for the doctors and nurses caring for your boys as they make the decisions that they believe are best in caring for them. We will continue to pray for both of your health as you are stretched physically and emotionally and that God will provide comfort to you both, that only He is able to provide.

With Love,
Sunny Agness

harrisons said...

trey and dana, you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers, please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do for you guys, be strong and trust in Christ, God Bless!
The Harrisons

Anonymous said...

Your extended family appreciates the time you have taken to keep us posted.

As always, we are praying for your strength and faith to get you through each hurdle. The boys are in the best of hands and the good Lord is in charge.

May each day, each set-back, each experience lead you all closer to the day you can all come home and get to the business of raising your beautiful family.

We are here to support you and help in any possible way. It does NOT take a village - it takes the good Lord and the love of family and friends.

With love,

Pam J.

Anonymous said...

I pray for you and the boys many times throughout the day and will continue to do so. We look forward to the updates, knowing and trusting that God is in control is holding Hayden and Ford in His hands. Hang in there.

jc said...

Trey and Dana,

I am praying daily for you and your precious little babies. Just remember and know the Lord will see you through these scary and difficult times! You have all of Tyler, Texas praying for you, Ford and Hayden and all of the doctors and nurses that are caring for them.

Stay strong,

amyla said...

Trey and Dana,
I am so glad I can keep up with you guys and the boys through this. I had no idea what you guys were going through. I am blown away by your faithfulness and trust in the Lord to bring you through this. He is a God of hope and promise! You guys will be in my prayers daily. Stay strong!

Lee Ann said...

Trey and Dana,

You all 4 are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that God will wrap his loving arms around your precious boys and heal them and that he wraps his arms around you two as well. You two have amazing strength that passed on to your sons. They are such fighters. Hang in there.
Lee Ann Shaver

Anonymous said...

Trey and Dana:
Its amazing--the power of prayer!! I know God will watch over all of you and will never give you more than you can handle. Hang in there!!

Ashley and James McCain

Christa said...

Trey and Dana,
I just got this emailed to me...I so desperately want to provide comfort for you during this trial, but I know that can only come from the Lord. I am praying peace over your hearts and your mind, that the Lord will carry you through this time. I am praying for wisdom for the doctors and strength for Hayden and Ford. They have already proved themselves to be such fighters..You must be so proud of those two boys. I will continue to lift you up daily!
Do not fear for I am with you: Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your GOd. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with my righteous right Hand. Isaiah 58:10.
With much love,
Christa Lee Hagler

Anonymous said...

Trey, Dana, Ford & Hayden - Know that ALL of you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. I keep Randall posted up in Colorado and he sends his love. God does not give you more than you can handle. Hang in there! Trey & Sara

Kara Brown said...

Dana and Tre,
Thank you for the updates. I pray for you and your boys all day everyday. Kara

Anonymous said...

Your family is in my prayers!
Donna Alfred

Anonymous said...

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you. Stay strong and may God be with you.

Aaron Paul

Anonymous said...

How blessed are we that you take your time to keep us up to date on your precious baby boys. I say prayers for them threw out the day..... everyday! Stay strong and send positive thoughts to your babies. God Bless you.

kim mccartney

Anonymous said...

Your family is in our prayers...stay strong and remember you have already been so blessed...

Scott said...

Mr.and Mrs. Hughey

My family and I are praying for the Lord to heal both of your boys. East Texas needs all of you to come home. God Speed and God Bless

The Tyson Family said...

Trey and Dana, You have and will be in our thoughts and prayers. There hasn't been a day that someone at work or Zac askes how you and your boys are doing. Thank you for keeping this site up to date with news so that I can pass it on to the Antepartum staff. You have blessed our unit in more ways than not. We miss seeing you guys. We will continue to pray for you guys and keep up the journal.

In Christ, Nicole and MCA antepartum staff.

nana said...

dana and trey i went to webmd website and lit a candle for ford and hayden your family is in our prayers

tshalh2005 said...

You and your family are in our prayers. I had a cousin many yrs back before technology was like it is now that welcomed a set or triplet girls into the world. None weighing over 2 pounds at birth.They all 3 are in there 20's now with babies of there on. I know that if those 3 little ones could survive and go on to lead a normal life your 2 precious boys should grow up healthy and up to the practical jokes like my 3 triplet cousins still do. Just keep your heads up and know u have people all over praying for you and Trey and the twins. Your faithful watcher in Daingerfield.

cdcary said...

All of you are in our thoughts and prayers.
The Cary Family

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