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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prayers Tomorrow....

Our roller coaster ride descended downhill on Sunday morning when Ford had to be transported to Cooks Children's Hospital in Fort Worth by the Teddy Bear Transport Team...which I must add were extremely wonderful and professional. The thought of one of our sons being transported was alarming enough, but seeing Ford go from his incubator to a gurney was very emotional for mom and dad. Our Neonatologist determined that cyst called PIE where forming around Fords left lung. Being proactive, our Doctor decided that Ford needed to be put on an air JET ventilator, which could potentially help clear up the cyst. As mentioned above, the move was very emotional, but we were comforted by the Transport Team along with all of the staff at MCA hospital. Once Ford got situated Sunday afternoon at Cooks, many examines were run...and it was concluded that his PDA passageway b/w his heart and lungs had not closed.

Ford will undergo Heart Surgery in the morning (Wednesday 1/16) at 9:00 am at Cooks which will surgically close the passageway. This is about a 45 minute procedure done right in his cubicle. Ford will be under anesthesia which will be a major concern for an 8 day old baby. We pray that this procedure goes off without any complications, and he will make a speedy recovery. As is stands now, Ford will remain at Cooks and his brother Hayden will be at MCA in Arlington where he remains stable. We ask that you continue to keep our precious little boys on your prayer list...and you don't know how much it means to Dana and me to read all of your messages and know that many friends and total strangers are lifting all 4 of us up through your prayers and well wishes. We know that we have gained an enormous extended family.

Thank you again,
The Hugheys


Anonymous said...

Trey, Dana, Ford, & Hayden,
We will be saying extra prayers for you tomorrow. We are thinking of you all the time and can't wait for you all to come home! I know tomorrow will be scary, but you have lots of love and support behind you and we know Ford will make a quick recovery! Our many prayers are with you all!
Much Love, Abby and Sam

Anonymous said...

Hughey Family,
I will be thinking about you and saying a special prayer at 9 in the morning. You and the boys are always in my thoughts. Please know how many people out there love you and are pulling for you!
Love, Melissa Mobley

Scirto said...

Hello again...We continue to think about you often and prayers continue to flow from all of us here at KLTV. Be strong. We can't wait to have you all home. If there is anything we can do, please let us know. We love you.

Nanie said...

I promise these are the most popular children in Tyler! Everyone is praying for these little guys to grow strong and healthy. We love you, hang in there. Jean and Ronnie

Sarah said...


I heard about your boys from a friend in Tyler and have been keeping up with your blog ever since. I cannot imagine the emotions and feelings that you and your wife are experiencing right now. But I know that God is a Healer and Protector and he can bring Ford through his surgery. I will pray for your sweet little boy tomorrow during his surgery and afterwards as I think of him and Hayden.

"Believe and you will receive anything you ask for in prayer!" Matthew 21:22

Sarah Fleming Johnson

Eric Sorensen said...

I can't imagine what you are going through. Here's to a quick, healthy recovery. Rest assured, you're getting prayers from a thousand miles away.

Eric Sorensen
Rockford, IL

Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Amy and Shane Walters

Anonymous said...

Hughey Family, i will keep you in my prayers all day tomorrow,,,, bless Ford and the doctors who treat him. Lots of love and prayers are sent your way. All Gods Love, Kim McCartney

Anonymous said...

Hughey/Dixon Family:
Tomorrow is day eight. I have put your family on the Episcopalian, Pentecostal and Methodists prayer lists. Have no doubt GOD is listening. If there is anything we can do from Beaumont, please let us know. Each day brings more hope, love and prayers. Love and Blessings to all. LEE

Kathy said...

Trey & Dana:

My thoughts and prayers are with you both and your two precious boys. You two have shown so much strength during this difficult time. Keep it up, we all look up to you.

Kathy Vitale

Anonymous said...

Dana and Trey,

Prayers continue to be sent your way from all of us on the GMET crew to the two strong little boys and their strong parents.

Keep in Touch!
-Cody Lillich

Grant Dade said...

Dana, Trey, Ford, & Hayden
I just want you to know that you are in mine and my families prayers. Look forward to having you all back home. If there is anything you need just let us know. We all love you…

DanniesJoy said...

Hello Dana % Trey,

I heard the news of the birth of your twin boys this morning and the first thing I want to say is Congratulations!

I am also writing you because I am the grandmother of twin boys born 9/15/03 weighing in at 1 lb 4 oz and 1 lb 14 oz.

I contacted my daughter Stephanie who lives in California and asked her if she would be willing to be willing to lend her ear to you if you ever wanted to talk to another mother who might be in a similar situation. She agreed and asked me to provide you with her phone number if you want to talk. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone who understands your situation.

As I am sure you are aware, early birth of twins can bring a multitude of challenges. My daughter has been through more than I ever imagined. The twins medical challenges have placed her with a responsibility beyond comprehension. She has been the primary care giver for the twins and four other children. She has managed to learn about medical terminology, therapies and medications that most people don't ever encounter. Most of all, she has an enormous amount of patience. She now works with Children's Therapy Network and is a Certified Infant Massage Therapist.

My daughter's name is Stephanie Lopez. You can contact me via e-mail at and I will be happy to provide you with her contact information.

God bless you and your family,

Joyce Stutzman

Anonymous said...

Hughey family,
I recently found out that Dana had given birth early. I know that God is watching over them and will take care of them. My great niece was born early in July and she is perfectly healthy now. I know the fear and worry you are going through. I sent a special prayer up this morning and I know God is listening. Remember, with God All Things Are Possible. God Bless.
A faithful early morning viewer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hughey Family,

I cannot imagine what you all are going through but please know that all of my family - work and personal - have you all in our prayers.

I know God works miracles and science does wonders so your precious son is in good hands.

May God bless you with strength - he has already blessed you with the love you all have for these babies.

With prayers and hugs,

Pam J.

Anonymous said...

Dana & Trey,
First,we would like to congratulate you both on the birth of your precious little boys! We will be praying for Ford, you both,your family and doctors Wednesday morning. And will continue to keep you all in our prayers as we have since we heard about your little guys being born.
We are viewers of KLTV and had been missing and wondering where Dana chance, last week, I found I work with one of your relatives. I had asked about a relative he mentioned (no name) had preemie baby boys, to let him know I'd be praying for them. It was much later in the conversation that I found it was Dana. I came home and shared with my spouse...glad to know where 'Dana from KLTV' was, but more, that we could pray for you all.
God bless you all.
B&B Rowland

Katie said...

Dana and Trey,
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. May God keep you strong and may him give Ford the strength for a quick recovery. I will keep Hayden and Ford in my prayers!

Katie Shuttlesworth

Judith said...

We are earnestly praying for all 4 of you, and especially Ford today. Your analogy of the roller coaster ride is right on, but the anxiety and fear are tolerable with the hope of a joyful end to the ride. My grandson was also born at 23.5 weeks gestation- 1 lb 6 oz, 12 inches- and also had respiratory complications necessitating high speed ventilation and a PDA that had to be closed via surgery in the NICU. As for you and your family, there were unending prayers and support from family and friend, and my grandson is now a bright, happy, healthy 11 year old who has never met a stranger, is a good student, and has a black belt in tae kwan do. We will keep you in our prayers.

Emily York said...

Dana, Trey and Boys,

I have been praying for you guys since I got the message of the surgery last night. I shared the request with the friends I was with, who immediately stopped and said a prayer. We're all supporting you!
Love you,
Emily York

joann said...

I am keeping your two boys and the both of you in my prayers. I am really pulling for them.

Love, Joann Ellis

nana said...

the first thing i do every moening is go to kltv web page for info on ford and hayden.... the four of you have been in my prayers every day. please let everyone know via your web site as soon as you can about their condition. i will continue to pray every day, GOD does answer prayers ,I KNOW!! he healed our baby granddaughter months after she was born...prayers from church members and family and friends ARE HEARD!! bless you all

Anonymous said...

Trey, Dana, Ford and Hayden,
I work with and am a good friend of Dana's mother, Jacque. I feel like I know all of you as I have followed your pregnancy and delivery. I am the mother of identical twin boys, they are in their 20s. I wanted to pass along to you that I believe in the power of prayer by people that believe in the power of prayer. I am one of those people that believe. And I am praying for your family. God Bless you and keep you all.
Love, Tammy

harrisons said...

trey, dana, ford and haded, we want you guys to know how much you are loved and how often you are in our prayers. you nad yyour beautiful angels are and will forever will be in our hearts, minds and prayers, we pray for a safe and quick recovery!
Love, Matt and Ashley Harrison

Anonymous said...

Trey and Dana,

Neil and I are keeping you and the boys in our prayers. Mom and Leo have been keeping me informed. We wish both boys strength and health and can't wait to meet them...Maryn is especially excited that she has more cousins!

Lauren, Neil and Maryn

Trudy said...

Hughey family,
I was praying so hard at 9 this morning for Ford, and wondering what you must be going through when Katie called to tell me the surgery was postponed. I will continue to pray for your precious boys. We are firm belivers in the power of prayer and you certainly are having the prayers sent your way. Bill and Janet, we cannot imagine what you, as grandparents, are also going through. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Hugheys and the Dixons. God will see you through this and may he bless all of you.
Trudy & Mark Shuttlesworth

LO said...

You don't know me but I watched Dana do the news on KLTV.My prayers are with you and your family.God Bless! Loleta H


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