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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Huge Day....

Let me first preface this by saying...Thank you!! We have received so many fabulous responses since our story aired on KLTV last Thursday night. Dana and I did a ton of praying and contemplating on whether we should invite the entire viewing area of East Texas into our lives during this, the most difficult times we have ever faced. It felt as if we were in a catch-22... how much do we share, do we go into exact details and so on! Going back and forth we finally, obviously decided on the right decision. The decision of asking all to pray specifically on each hurdle has been extremely beneficial for the boys. Witnessing all that we have these past 4 weeks has been such an eye opening experience for both Dana and me. Not only has OUR bond grown right before our eyes, but our faith has grown exponentially!! We realize that science plays a major part in the health of our boys...but we give our utmost attention and praise to what our amazing Lord and Savior continues to do for our sweet miracles. So Thank You again for lifting up our boys each and every day with your constant prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Without the endless supply of prayers, who knows where we would be at this moment.

As for an update on our amazing little fighters...the rollercoaster took a turn for the better this afternoon. The morning started out tense and suspenseful, as usual. Ford was once again back up to 100% on his oxygen, and barely Sating in the upper 80's. Our amazing Doctor made the decision to switch him from the JET Ventilator, which he had been on since getting to Cook Children's. The switch was made to the Oscillating Vent, which allowed him to oxygenate better. The decision to make the switch was obviously the correct move. Ford slowly began to go down on his need for Oxygen...His primary nurse was so attentive to his every need. By noon, Ford was down to about 80 percent on his oxygen, and heading in the right direction. Dana and I can not stress how blessed we are to be surrounded by such an able group of very qualified Doctors and caring nurses. We know we are in the right place when our primary doctor and nurses think about our boys even on their days off. By the time we left this evening Ford was requiring about 49% oxygen and doing much better.
As for his handsome twin brother....Hayden had his best day to date. Hayden was taken off the JET Ventilator early yesterday morning and put on a Conventional Vent...once again the right call made by our overly amazing Doctor. The Conventional Vent is a major step forward for Hayden. After having a great day yesterday, a smooth night last night, and an uneventful morning this morning, our Doctor and Haydens wonderful primary nurse gave Dana and me the go ahead to hold him for the first time. As you can tell from the pics, both Mom and Dad could not have been any happier. Holding your child for the first time...albeit 4 weeks after birth, is the most magnificent moment we have ever experienced. To look down and see the same kiddo that has been poked, prodded and inundated with tubes since his first breath....makes you forget about all the set backs, all the tears shed and all the hand washings. For that brief moment when Hayden was in our arms, Dana and I for the first time were allowed to experience the joy of parenthood. We now are counting down the moments until we can do the same for Ford.

Once again, we could not have done this without the most amazing nucleus of immediate family, friends and amazing new people we have met along the way.

Until next time,
Trey, Dana, Ford & Hayden


Anonymous said...

qgsxbHow wonderful to hear things are improving. Seeing you hold your son for the first time brought tears to my eyes as I know the joy you felt. It brought back the memories of the first time I got to hold my daughter in my arms, at age 3 weeks. (She was a 29 week baby) That was 23 years ago but feels like only yesterday.
May God's Blessings continue to shine on you and your family

Anonymous said...

Dear Dana, Trey, Ford and Hayden,

I'm so glad to hear that the boys are havins some wonderful days. Congratulations on getting to hold your precious angel!!!! Nothing in the world will make you happier than that close bonding contact with your children and being able to look them in the eyes, especially without a divider. Just wait 'til you can hold them both and they hug you back! They'll melt your hearts sooooo many times. Once again congratulations and I continue to pray daily for you all and the doctors and nurses involved in your boys' care.

God bless you,
Allison Westerfield

Cody Lillich said...

Dana, Trey, Ford & Hayden,

So glad to hear the great news. They are well on their way to the goal of coming back! :)

-Cody Lillich

Cody Lillich said...

also... Happy 1 Month Birthday! :)

Jeff & Debra said...

Seeing ya'll hold your little miracle for the first time, well I just cried! That is such a wonderful and special moment and for you to have that moment with Hayden and everything he has been through not to mention you and Dana is well, it's just a blessing for all of us! I am so proud to be able to share this moment with you and I thank you both so much. God has answered so many prayers and I know he will continue to do so. This is just one small step of many! Guys, we love you all! I know my "notes" are normally longer but I am just speechless this morning and crying with happiness for you both. I know the joy of holding your child for the first time and there is nothing in this world that can ever replace that moment!
Debra Bunt
Gladewater, Texas

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS.Glad to hear that they are doing good.Our prayers are with. Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.You are always in our prayers and thoughts.

Christa said...

Yay! What a huge blessing to get to hold that sweet little Hayden in your arms! God is with you! God is good! I praise Him with you! I will continue to lift up both Ford and Hayden for continued healing and strength. Also praying for you and Dana. What a beautiful family you have. You have so much reason to be proud of your boys.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to get a Good News report from you. And the pictures are great. Thanks for letting us all share in your lives and the lives of your miracles. Isn't it amazing how God is healing your miracles one baby step at a time. The grace and mercy of our Lord shines brightly in the lives of your twins. We will continue to pray you and the boys.
Thanks be to God.

gail said...

How amazing it must have felt to hold your sweet miracle. We are so very excited for you, and continue to pray for all four of you each and every day. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

Michelle Simington said...

It is so wonderful to see you holding your son Hayden. I want to tell you that the Lord is more than looking out for you and your boys. One of my good friends had her son at 23 weeks, weighing 2 lbs 3 oz. The odds were stacked against him BUT let me tell you...that was January 1995 and he is now a very handsome 13yr old boy!!!! He has absolutely no lasting affects from his prematurity. I continue to pray for you and your boys! I am able to follow your progress on due to being in Germany while my husband serves our country in USAF. May God Bless

amyla said...

trey and dana,
I am so blown away once again by your strength. I know it must be from the Lord. Not a day goes by that you guys and the boys don't cross my mind and we have prayed and will continue to pray daily for all of you. Dana, as a mom, your words bring me to tears b/c i know those overwhelming emotions that you have on behalf of your children. Trey, it is so awesome to witness how you have held the family together and been such a leader! Keep hanging on to God's promises! "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." Ex.14:14
The Freeman's

Patton Pickett said...

Happy one month birthday Ford & Hayden!!! I cannot wait for you guys to get well and come home to play with me. Mommy and I say a special prayer every day for you two. I have all of my toys ready to share when you get home. I will even let you ride my roller coaster!
Keep getting better!
Love for bestest cousin,

Anonymous said...

We were so happy to hear the good news on DayBreak this morn. Dana we miss seeing you every morn, but are so glad that things are getting better and hope you can be home with your little family soon. The twins are just adorable and words can't describe getting to hold Hayden for the first time. Maybe Ford's time will be today. We will keep you in our prayers. Thank you and Trey for sharing your story. You are both awesome and will be wonderful parents. Take care and keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Trey & Dana,
How Great Our God Is!!!!! Isn't He a powerful and wonderful God?!? The prayers of the righteous do not go unheard or unanswered. You are a testimony to that! Please know that you did the right thing, letting East Texas in on your boys struggle. What a testimony you are to the awesome power of God. If you had not shared this journey with others, only you would see this power. Now, you've become a living testimony of it! Thank you for allowing God to use you to hopefully reach so many with His love and power. My husband and I are lifting all four of you up in our daily prayers. East Texas, don't slack off on your prayers! After some time passes, we tend to let things slip our mind. Let's stay on our knees for this wonderful family. Dana and Trey, your boys undoubtedly have a special purpose in this life. God is really up to something! Be prepared, because I believe He has great things in store for your whole family, but especially Ford and Hayden!

Sending Our Love and Prayers,

Emily & Kenneth


Dana & Trey,

It was so wonderful to see your little miracle in your arms. Tears of joy were in order. We miss you so much and are praying for you and the boys everyday. Happy One Month Birthday, Ford & Hayden.

Phyllis & Winn Kittrell

Sheila said...

Happy One Month Birthday Hayden and Ford!!! Congratulations on Hayden's wonderful improvement and on getting to hold him for the first time! I know you both were just overjoyed. I pray the same happens for Ford in the days to come. May the Lord's blessing keep raining down on your family.

Sheila Hartin

Teresa T. said...

This baby in mommy and daddy's arms is the most beautiful site I have seen in a long time!

So many prayers are being answered.

Congratulations and keep up the faith!

Teresa T.

shelly said...


Anonymous said...

What great news!! It won't be long now until you get to hold sweet Ford, too. I think about your family all the time. If you need anything at all, let me know. Happy one month birthday to the boys.

Love you,
Melissa Mobley

Cathryn Khalil said...

I am so excited that you finally got to hold them! The photos are adorable. Keep updating!

(Happy 1 Month Birthday, also!!)

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. I've been through the exact same experience--the NICU is still fresh on my mind. You will learn more at the NICU than a first year graduate nursing student. My hospital ‘internship’ lasted 78 days. My twin preemie babies (boy and girl) have been home for two months. I was on bed rest for three weeks when my little darlings decided they couldn't wait anymore. They were born at 28 weeks (due dec. 9). Even the best of the best doctors can't cease pre-term labor. The NICU is an overwhelming and emotional experience (as you now know). It seems like you are in an extremely emotional abyss. A hole in which you try to climb out but you can't--it keeps sucking you back in. I will admit: showering and eating were not on the top of my priority list. I even avoided all of my friends phone calls because I didn't want to hear them asking about the babies. Once your babies start breastfeeding or bottle feeding you will notice your babies’ major physical changes. From then on you know the 'welcome home' bandwagon is just around the corner. Every second is a milestone for your babies. Keep up the strength, you will need it for when they come home--it's a tough caring for twins BUT I'm loving it. (once your babies are home, they will have frequent doctor visits: opthamologist, audiologist, pediatrician. Early childhood intervention services and a developmental pediatrician will also be referred to you by the hospital). The NICU will soon be a thing of the past.

I wish you and your family the very best-

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayer are with you. I check on you daily and say a small prayer for your sweet little boys and their wonderful parents. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Phil 4:13

Ina said...

Dear Dana,

I am so happy for you! I know that holding your baby for the first time is a great joy... just think - You are going to get to feel that first time twice. I check in every morning and evening to see how all of you are doing, so I can tell you that I am helping you pray but also cry for the babies. Thank you for sharing with us because we care for you and the babies. I have to tell you that while these trying times seem to last forever; the time is coming when you will be wishing it to slow down. Arter the boys come home, time is going to fly and before you know it they will be asking you to give them driving lessons... Yes that's how fast it goes. My syster had a baby a couple of years ago, and the baby was having different problems for the first few months. I remember my syster crying to me telling me "I feel so helpless. My baby is so tiny and I feel like I can't help her", so I told her the same thing I'm telling you. She tells me now "my baby is growing so fast and strong and acting terrible and wonderful all at the same time". I hope all good things for you and your husband and the boys. I also look forward to seing pictures of the boys at their first
B-day, all smeared in cake icing, and at their kindergarden graduation looking handsome in their little caps and gowns.

Just remember that God blew into their little noses and gave them their first breath and with it His spirit which remains in them.

"Today is the tomorrow that we were worried about yesterday".

I heard this from an actor on TV, and it has help me worry less and trust in the lord more.

God bless all of you and continue to give you the strength and serenity you need!

Reyna Menefee

Meg said...


Your boys are precious and miracles from God! I'm keeping up with their stories, and I wanted you to know that you, Dana, Ford, and Hayden are in my constant prayers (as well as my mom's). I can already see the work that God is doing, not only in your boys, but in you and Dana. He is a God of miracles and strength! I have faith that "He who began a good work (in your boys), will be faithful to complete it!" Phil 1:6

Meg (Rodman) Randolph

Anonymous said...

I love seeing you hold that precious little boy! Nanie

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud to be your sister, Bubs and your sister-in-law, Dana! You two are truly amazing and I love you so much!

I had so much fun seeing the boys today and loved seeing you hold sweet litte Hayden. Ford is looking awesome and I know you'll get to wrap your arms around him soon.

I love you all more than words can say. Have a wonderful and restful evening.

See you Tuesday!
Aunt Gigs

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